How to Check Azure Subscription ID

Many a times , you want to know the Azure Subscription ID .


To find that  , below are  the steps :


How  to  Find Azure Subscription ID
How to Find Azure Subscription ID


Click on view my bill and then a new  window will open up which will have the subscription  ID :


How to Find Azure Subscription ID
How to Find Azure Subscription ID


There you go , it  is as simple as that.



Microsoft announces new cloud experience and tools to deliver the cloud without complexity

Microsoft Introducing New Azure Portal :

Snippet here :


On Thursday at Build in San Francisco, we took an important step by unveiling a first-of-its kind cloud environment within Microsoft Azure that provides a fully integrated cloud experience – bringing together cross-platform technologies, services and tools that enable developers and businesses to innovate with enterprise-grade scalability at startup speed. Announced today, our new Microsoft Azure Preview Portalis an important step forward in delivering our promise of the cloud without complexity.


Complete Article Here :




Microsoft Azure New Platform
Microsoft Azure New Platform

Planning to Migrate to Cloud – USe this Tool

Are you planning to Migrate from your Existing Data Center to Cloud or are you setting up a new DC . I would strongly recommend if can use this tool and let MS come up with a plan for you ., It is called as the Cloud Security Readiness Tool :