Hello  Friends ,  Today we will talk about how  to use System Center Orchestrator to  create Runbooks .

In this post here we will talk about Runbooks and how to create a Sample Runbook.

Lets  first open up Orchestrator and then create a New Folder : Screen Shot below:

System Center Orchestrator

System Center Orchestrator

Once Folder is  clicked , then name it the way you want . I named it Abheek

System Center Orchestrator

System Center Orchestrator

The runbook I am going to create is a  simple runbook which  will  start a service if at all it finds its being in stopped state .

from the right pane , drag and drop  Get Service  status onto the middle pane:



Once this is done , we need to configure the get  service thing:

Just double click it  and then fill in the below information (computer name and the service name)


Once  this is done , drag and drop start  stop service activity  from right pane and link two :


Double click on the arrow between the two activities to get the status of Service and enter below:


Once you  get the status ,  click on start /stop  activity and then click on start:


Thats it . Now you are done