Software request in SCCM – Submit Software Request

In this post we will talk about a new feature in SCCM which helps us in a way that users can request for a software from the user website in SCCM. To do the Lab we will have to do the following : 1. Create Roles : Application Catalog Web Service Point and Application CatalogContinue reading “Software request in SCCM – Submit Software Request”

Application /Software Deployment SCCM – Part # 5( Application Request – Contd.)   – Part 1 – Part 2   Part 3 Part 4  – Part 5 As an Extension to my Last post on SCCM Application request , I am Using A link to a Good Link here where you can get a Tool ( In case you do not have Other Components of SystemContinue reading “Application /Software Deployment SCCM – Part # 5( Application Request – Contd.)”