SCCM Distribution Point Design – A Designer’s Delight

Ask any SCCM Designer / Architect !! How Many Distribution Points you need in this Environment and he would bend his head and do zillion odd Calculations ­čÖé


With this Post I intend to share a Table which shows how much time is required over a specific WAN link for a ┬áset of PC’s :

The Below Table Shows the Approximate results for 1  Single Machine over WAN and LAN . From the results it is very clear that for Distribution Point  the results are better 



* Note : The figures mentioned above are approximate . Actual s may vary a little .

Now , Let us see the results for 50 Machines at a Local Branch with Different Bandwidth Options . Clearly you would see that if we are not going to use a Local Distribution Point then deployments like Operating system would choke the network and would a lot of time . 


As you can see from the above Image , if we have a 2 MBPS line between the Primary server and the Local branch and there is No distribution Point ( Local ) , them for a set of 50 machines at such a location would take 200 hours for getting the OSD files . However , if we have a ┬áLocal Distribution Point at the Branch Location , Machines would pick the Image over a LAN and it would just take 3 Hours of time . That’s the power of a Local Distribution Point .

** The Calculations above are based on the assumption that all the bandwidth is available to SCCM .


It is also important to understand that the Traffic between Primary and Distribution Point can be scheduled and Throttled .