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SCCM Sample Architecture Diagram

Sample System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Architecture Diagram :


Let us talk about a sample scenario and then prepare a High Level Architecture Diagram . Let us assume that we have a Customer who has 7 different locations with 500 machines connected with good bandwidth . Then in such a case we can prepare a sample attached pasted below :

SCCM Architecture Diagram

SCCM Architecture Diagram


While Designing your SCCM , it is very important that you should have a very solid Understanding on the Network !!


Some of the Main point to be considered with regards Network While Designing SCCM are :

1. Network Usage : Get in touch with the Network Team and try and find the Network Usage across Branches . This will give you a very solid idea about DP Design .

2. Try and restrict a DP to 50 Machines for a 2 Mbps Line with average utilization o about 50 %

3. Gather All the relevant Network Diagrams from the Network Team.

4. What is the count of Local DC’s in the Organization .

5. Gather the Data with regards the Number of Systems , OS across locations