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This Post is in continuation to Post # 1 on SCCM Design and Architecture .

https://sccmconfighelp.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/sccm-design-steps-explained-in-detail-part-1/  – Part # 1

Now , As we have seen that in our SCCM Design we have :

With these Specifications let us Design our SCCM Environment :

Server Names : One SCCM Server ( sccm.abctelecom.com) , Domain Controller ( abctelecom.com ) , Role Server ( sccm1.abctelecom.com) , 4 Distribution point Servers)

SCCM Design Document by Abheek

Download the PDF and Visio Version of this SCCM Design Document as :

SCCM Design Document by Abheek PDF

A lot of SCCM Admins and Architects struggle to find answer to this question : ” How Many Machines per Distribution Point “

 The answer to this question is tricky and depends on a number of things . However a ball parking figure could be ” 25 – 30 Machines per DP for a 1.5 MB link ” . I have safely assumed that you are considering Patching , Hardware Inventory , Software Inventory , OSD , and other features . 


Note : This post is AS IS . Your actual environment might need few extra Considerations .


However you still need to check the Network usage , Peak Usage , What features you are including in your SCCM Environment.