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In the Last Section ( Part 1 of this Series ) we Talked about What is the difference between the Traditional method of Deploying Software( i.e package) in SCCM 2007 and Application Deployment in SCCM 2012 . And I am sure that now you have a feel of what we can do with the new version of SCCM .

Let us now move to Few of the Important Components of SCCM 2012 Applications : First of them Being :

Requirements : Now try and recollect those days when you used to or for that matter you still do this ; Create a Collection and then deploy a software onto that collection ( Example : If you need to deploy a software onto machines which have 4 GB of RAM , then you create a collection first and then deploy the software onto that collection ) . Wasn’t that a pain !!

Well !! it Was . 

But now with SCCm 2012 requirements , you need not do this ! All you need to do is to stabilish a Requirement and then SCCM 2012 will take care of all that . No Collections !!

To Sum up : SCCM 2007 Software distribution was Collection Driven but in SCCM 2012 it is not.

Below Screen Shots will give you an understanding of what will happen : Here we have created a requirement rule that if free space in D Drive is equal or greater than 110 MB , only then install the software