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Billing , as always remained an experienced topic in Offshore – Onshore Model .  One widely used billing Model is Fixed Price Model .Fixed Price Model is also called as Lump Sum Model .As the name clearly suggests , in this Model as Fixed amount is agreed upon between the Buyer and the seller . On of the most important to be noted in this billing Model is that Project Teams at both the Service Provide end and the Buyer end are well aware of the Requirements , Scope of work . In this model, the requirements are so clear that periodic deliverable at agreed upon timelines (milestones) could be expected.

Fixed Pricing Model

As a service provider you have to be very cautious that you read the scope carefully and use good methods to ensure that proper project financials are being quoted . In case of scope change or additional deliverable’s , you have to negotiate with the client and add additional cost for new Modules or scope change .

This model is more suitable for Long Term Projects .


PRINCE 2 and PMP Project Chart

Download PRINCE 2 and PMP chart . THis is a very useful document

Prince 2 Chart

In this Section you can download two of the most important templates with regards the Project management .

Quality Register and Quality Management Plan :

Quality Management Strategy Quality Register

Project Management Formats Download




As a project Manager it is very important that you have a Risk Management Strategy and Maintain and keep updating the Risk Register . You may download the sample formats of Risk Register and Risk Management Strategy above ( Use links) .

Risk Register in Projects

Risk Register in Projects

Business Case


You may download the Project management Business Case format here .

Had a good document on PRINCE 2 processes and Activities . Hope this is of some help


Prince 2 Project Plan



As we all know that Projects , Start as a concept and idea and over a period of time it develops into a Product or a service . This means that project develops in steps and continues by increments . Most of the time you see that requirements are not clear to you in the beginning and they become crystal clear with the passage of time . It is the characteristic of any project and the project management team has to live with it. But, how we can proceed? What is the approach to planning? This is where the concept of Progressive Elaboration comes in handy .

So , most of the times you start the project Confused and seem to get clarity with the passage of time .

Confused images



So you start of a little confused and become more comfortable gradually .The power of Progressive Elaboration .

 A below chart will make things more clear about Progressive Elaboration .

Progresssive Elaboration Process




Halo Effect – Project Management

I have seen a lot of times in my career and have also learned from the experiences shared by others that a Senior member of the team who is Technically very sound is being made the project Manager for an up coming project . Reasons given mostly are :

1. The person has fdeep knowledge of the project 

2. The person is very good technically.

3. The person is working in the same time for a long period now and needs to be elevated .

4. The client is very happy with his work .

Image Ha

This is the biggest mistakes Organizations make . Rather than judging the project managemen capabilities of the person XYZ , they elevate a person to a Project Manager basis other factors which leads to a FAILURE .


This is called as HALO EFFECT .

Hope next time you need to take such decision you will remember me and the HALO effect :-)