Microsoft expands Azure data centers to France, launches trust offensive vs AWS, Google

Companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Google continue to compete fiercely in the area of cloud services for consumers, developers and enterprises, and today Microsoft made its latest moves to lay out its bid to lead the race, while also launching a new mission to position itself as the cloud provider you can trust. Microsoft announced it wouldContinue reading “Microsoft expands Azure data centers to France, launches trust offensive vs AWS, Google”

Microsoft signs up Adobe for its Azure cloud computing services

Microsoft and Adobe today announced a major partnership that will see Adobe deliver its cloud services on Microsoft Azure and that will make Adobe the preferred marketing service for Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Enterprise CRM solution. Microsoft says Adobe will now make Azure its “preferred cloud platform” for its three main services: the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Creative CloudContinue reading “Microsoft signs up Adobe for its Azure cloud computing services”

Microsoft Operations Management Suite

A lot of times Customers will ask you questions regarding Monitoring in Hybrid Cloud or Cloud Security . This happens all the more when a New Customer plans to move to cloud . Microsoft Operations Management Suite , is a solution ( to an extent ) to the customer questions . More Details : Microsoft OMSContinue reading “Microsoft Operations Management Suite”

Announcing Customer Lockbox for Office 365

This post was written by Vijay Kumar, senior product marketing manager, and Raji Dani, principal program manager for the Office 365 Security team. As a cloud services provider, we recognize that organizations understandably want to have full control over access to their content stored in cloud services. Today at RSA, we announcedCustomer Lockbox for OfficeContinue reading “Announcing Customer Lockbox for Office 365”

What is Clutter in Office 365

Clutter is an email filtering option available to Office 365 customers.  It is similar to an anti-spam filter as it moves less important email (based on your reading habits) into a ‘Clutter’ folder where they can be ignored or reviewed later.  Most of the mail going into the folder should be bulk mail (advertisements) and messages fromContinue reading “What is Clutter in Office 365”

Deploying Software /Application Using Microsoft Intune

Those who are Familiar with SCCM Software / Application Deployment will find this process very Much Similar . But for those who have no Experience in Deployment tool will find Software Deployment Using Intune quite Easy As well. Deploying Software /Application Using Microsoft Intune Login to your Microsoft Intune Account and Click on Deploy SoftwareContinue reading “Deploying Software /Application Using Microsoft Intune”

How to Reset Passcode of IOS Devices from Microsoft Intune

This Post is in Continuation to my previous Post on ” Remote Lock Mobile Device from Microsoft Intune URL : In this Post we will check on How to Reset Passcode of IOS Devices From Microsoft Intune : Right Click the Device of which you want to reset the passcode : Click on Reset Passcode :Continue reading “How to Reset Passcode of IOS Devices from Microsoft Intune”

Remote Lock Mobile Device from Microsoft Intune

Lets now start with Various Things that can be done from Microsoft Intune . Lets get started from Simple first : Remote Lock Mobile Device from Microsoft Intune  Today , let us try and Lock a Mobile device which is Enrolled with Microsoft Intune . refer to below Screen . Now , If you wantContinue reading “Remote Lock Mobile Device from Microsoft Intune”

Managing IOS based Devices (Iphone ,IPAD) with Microsoft Intune – Detailed

In  this post today , we will talk about managing IOS  devices with Microsoft Intune . Various Steps Involved are : 1. Download a Certificate  Signing Request for a  APNs Certificate 2. Renew the APN Certificate in Apple Portal 3. Upload the APN certificate in Microsoft Intune Portal 4. Download Company Portal app on yourContinue reading “Managing IOS based Devices (Iphone ,IPAD) with Microsoft Intune – Detailed”

How to Automatically Install Intune Client on Computers

To automatically deploy the client software by using Group Policy 1.In the folder that contains the files Microsoft_Intune_Setup.exe and MicrosoftIntune.accountcert, run the following command to extract the Windows Installer-based installation programs for 32-bit and 64-bit computers: Microsoft_Intune_Setup.exe /Extract <destination folder> 2.Copy the Microsoft_Intune_x86.msi file, the Microsoft_Intune_x64.msi file, and the MicrosoftIntune.accountcert file to a network locationContinue reading “How to Automatically Install Intune Client on Computers”

Client Computer Management in Intune

As we all know that Intune has gained a lot of buzz during recent past . Today , We will discuss about How do we install Client Intune Agent on Computers . Client Computer Management in Intune  There are two ways by which you can do this : 1 . Manually : Here you willContinue reading “Client Computer Management in Intune”

New features in Attachments in Office 365 Exchange Online :

New features in Attachments in Office 565 Exchange Online : Microsoft has started to released New Office 365 Feature starting October  – New Way to share files with Outlook Web app. Most of you must have noticed it and would like to know more about this new Feature . Here is what you see whenContinue reading “New features in Attachments in Office 365 Exchange Online :”

Vmware VCenter 5.5 Installation Step by Step

Today in this Post we will  talk about the installation  of Vmware Vcenter 5.5 step by step . Somehow , I found that there was a lack of a simple guide on Installing Vcenter. Basically Vcenter offers two  types of installation .One is Simple and other is Customized. If you opt for Simple  installation thenContinue reading “Vmware VCenter 5.5 Installation Step by Step”