I have been Working on SCCM for a long time. I have worked on SCCM 2007 and SCCM 2012 . I have worked with Various TIER 1 companies in addition to helping clients as Freelancer.

The Intent of writing this blog is to gather and gain knowledge on SCCM .

Abheek Dutta

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  1. Hiii Dear i am new to SCCM.Now i want to learn SCCM2007,can u please provide me any material to learn very easily and quickly,because i have a job offer on SCCM2007

  2. Hi Purshotam,

    I would suggest that you start using Technet guides on SCCM . However we find it hard to understand the typical language written in most of the study Material. So you take this step by step . First understad what SCCM can do like Software Patching , OSD etc and then take them step by step. message me your Email id at sccmabheek@gmail.com and I will send some material to you.

    1. Hi, I came across your website via LinkedIn, and would also appreciate some materials. I’ll email you separately but thought it best to at least ask properly.

  3. Hi abheek,
    I know some basic thing about sccm . I worked only in deployment part in sccm 2007 n 2012. that too I worked only application deployment.Now I got a oppurtinuty to work in infrastructure side. I dono what are the things to be performed as an admin. I googled I got lot. Our environment is small. 1 central 4 primary . . now they asked me to draft a rough plan to implement sccm2012 in the environment . 1 central 1 prim n one secon. i dont have any idea n in net also i coulnt find.Could you ple tell me like how many days will it take to implementation ? Like installing n config.. just for testing..I would appreciate if you can help me drafting d plan from base..


      1. Only 3000.. yes.. they first want a rough draft plan for testing then for production.. currently environment has 2007..42 servers includes 1 centralb 4 primary.rest dps.. .. migration .. which one would be a better option ? Migration or a fresh one ?

  4. Hi Govind ,

    Migration is a lot Easier and installing it afresh . Also , with Migration you will be able to save most part of your data into new Version.

    Also , for 3000 machines i do not think you need anything more than one standalone Primary server in SCCM 2012 SP1 .

    Use this link to get a feel of SCCM 2007 to SCCM 2012 .

    Which version of SCCM 2007 you are using ?

  5. Ok.For installing a dev environment for sccm 12 how many days required? for a cenral a primary and a secondary ?

  6. Hi Abheek,
    Here is the rough plan i drafted. Is this plan ok?
    S.No Activities
    1 Downloading and installing required hotfixes and pre-requisites
    2 Configure SCCM 2012 in development environment
    Day 1-Installation of SQL database in central site server
    Day 2-Installating and configuring central site server
    Day 4-Installating and configuring primary site server
    3 Enabling software distribution and deployment
    4 Configuring software catalogue portal and publish application
    5 Asssigning permission for users and Directories
    6 Creation of deployment templates
    7 Troubleshooting and documentation
    8 Installation of SCCM clients in test machines(Software center)
    9 Testing the functionality on central and primary server

    Please let me know if i have missed any thing

  7. Thanks Abheek. And i have one more question. Is there any Query report to fetch the list of group in a collection that are linked?

  8. HI abheek,

    I need to migrate sccm 2007 R2 SP2 central and primary site server to new machines in (same sccm 2007 r2 sp2) other datacenter
    central sserver has three primary child server and 4 secondary server and sup role configured in remote machine and primary site server has 14 distribution points

    we are not doing back up and restore . please explain how we can do it side by side

  9. Hi Abheek, I am new to SCCM and i am interested to learn the technology, Is there any institute or training center that you can suggest where i can get the training, I am in South Delhi.

  10. hi abheek.. just want to say thank you for such imformative posts regrading SCCM. i’ve learned alot from it and now tryin to give interviews… thanks once again and keep up the good work 😀

  11. Hello Abeek ,
    I just wanted to check if there are possible in SCCM

    1) can we generate a report in SCCM of all local admins
    2) how to keep all machines cunt updated in SCCM , as the discovery scan keeps the record of 90 days . i just wanted to latest heart beat computers in the network .

  12. Hello Abheekdutta , I am currently in the UK and would like you to train me in SCCM online.
    Can you please email at qessar@me.com. Or whatsapp me on 07415 421 104. thank you

  13. Hi Abheek,

    I am new to this environment, and for now I just started to work with a team which takes care of desk-side support. So SCCM and App-V is a part of it. So I want to take easy steps to learn all this.

    Please suggest that what should I do to excel in this. Would appreciate if you can tell me what should be the first step towards learning this and becoming an expert down the line.


  14. HI abheek how are you ? i want to lean about SCCM can u suggest me any good institute in delhi ? Or can you provide me SCCM material? Please i really need to learn this i heared about you a lot . ..please reply on my email shavez_khan3@yahoo.co.in

  15. Hi ,
    I am looking for SCCM2012 & SCOM 2012 Training .Please suggest if any new batch that you would be training .


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