How to Automatically Install Intune Client on Computers

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To automatically deploy the client software by using Group Policy

1.In the folder that contains the files Microsoft_Intune_Setup.exe and MicrosoftIntune.accountcert, run the following command to extract the Windows Installer-based installation programs for 32-bit and 64-bit computers:
Microsoft_Intune_Setup.exe /Extract <destination folder>

2.Copy the Microsoft_Intune_x86.msi file, the Microsoft_Intune_x64.msi file, and the MicrosoftIntune.accountcert file to a network location that can be accessed by all computers to which the client software is to be installed.

Note :

Do not separate or rename the files or the client software installation will fail.
3.Use Group Policy to deploy the software to computers on your network.

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