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As we all know that Intune has gained a lot of buzz during recent past . Today , We will discuss about How do we install Client Intune Agent on Computers .

Client Computer Management in Intune 

There are two ways by which you can do this :

1 . Manually : Here you will have to download the Intune Client Software and then Install It . Please make sure that only one client agent can be installed on one computer , either SCCM Client or Intune . If you already have SCCM Client agent installed you won’t be able to install Intune Client .


2. Automatically : You can use software Distribution Programs for this .

How to Manually Install Intune Client on Computer :

First of all you need to download the Client Agent Which can be downloaded from the Intune Portal :

Intune Client Agent Installation - 1
Intune Client Agent Installation – 1


Once Downloaded you need to run the set up

Intune Client Agent Installation - 2

Intune Client Agent Installation - 3


After the Installation is Complete you will see the Client Computer Showing up in the Intune Console like this :

Intune Client Agent Installation - 4


Hardware Inventory in Intune :

After the Initial Hardware Inventory Cycle you will be able to see Hardware related Information related to this Computer as Shown :

Hardware Inventory in Intune
Hardware Inventory in Intune


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