How to Set up External Communication in Lync – Office 365

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Hello  Guys , Today we will  talk about  setting up External communication in Lync -Office 365 .

So,  we have a scenario like  this ” The Users in your Organization want to communicate with users in some other Organization over Lync  “


To achieve this follow the below steps :

1. Switch on External communication:

Turn on External Communication in Lync Online


2. Once this is achieved , it is better to wait for 24 hours before performing the next steps .

3.  In Lync Admin Center ,  go to tools and then Set  up Lync for External Communication

External Lync Communication 2



External Lync Communication 3


5. Click , it has been 24 hours

External Lync Communication 4


6. External Lync Communication 5



External Lync Communication 6



Now , you are done .


Add the user from one of the Lync client and check if they are able to communicate as  shown below:


External Lync Communication 7


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