Adding Patches to a Windows Image in SCCM

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A lot of People have been asking this question on how do we keep our Windows Image as Updated with Patches and not have to create it from the scratch every time around . Let us say that you have created a windows Image and deployed it on some users machine . After two months you have to deploy the OS image again .As apparent , the image is not an updated image with latest patches .In this case you can :


1. Recreate the Image from the Scratch with Latest Patches and apply it.

2. Update Image using SCCM Schedule Updates Utility.

3. Using DCIM.

4. Using MDT


1. Recreate the Image : In this method you recreate the Image and then capture a reference computer with Latest Patches and then Import it into SCCM. Though simple , the process is time consuming and prone to Issues if Image is not captured properly.

2.Update Image Using Schedule Updates Utility : This will be Wizard Based Process and is applicable to CBS( component Based Servicing) updates and for the following operating systems:

Microsoft Windows Vista SP2 and later Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2 and laterMicrosoft Windows 7 SP1 and later Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 SP1 and later.

To use it you have to go to OS Images > Click schedule Updates and follow the Action Items . Note : Updates have to be Synchronized into SCCM.


3. Third is Using DCIM . The process is to Copy Image in Temp Folder .Mount Patches into Image and then Reimport Image in SCCM.

4. Fourth Option is to use MDT



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