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In this post we will talk about a new feature in SCCM which helps us in a way that users can request for a software from the user website in SCCM.

To do the Lab we will have to do the following :

1. Create Roles : Application Catalog Web Service Point and Application Catalog Website 

2. Create an Application

3. Deploy the Application in a way that is can be requested from sccm but with an approval.


Step 1 : Create Role : below are the screen shots :

Add Role SCCM 1


click Add role :

Add Role SCCM 2


Click Next :

Add Role SCCM 3


Select first two roles and then Click next

Add Role SCCM 4


Click Next

Add Role SCCM 5


click Next

Add Role SCCM 6


Give Name and then Click next

Add Role SCCM 7


Completed Step 1


Create Application :

Below Are Screen shots :

Create Application SCCM 1


Click Create Application

Create Application SCCM 2


Give Location of File:

Click next

Create Application SCCM 3


Click Next , Next , Next

Create Application SCCM 4



Completed step 2


Step 3 : Create Deployment for Application

Deploying Application SCCM 1


Click Next :

Deploying Application SCCM 2


Select distribution Point and click Next

Deploying Application SCCM 3


Do not Forget to Check the check box .unless this is checked approval will not come to sccm admin

Deploying Application SCCM 4


click next

Deploying Application SCCM 5


Now Step 3 is also complete :

Now We need to goto client machine enter the URL : http:/<ServerName>cmapplicationcatalog ( Unless this has been changed ).

request Software 1


See the software in the list , click on request

request Software 2


submit the request

request Software 3


request has been submitted

Now this request will appear in SCCM server and then approve it

request Software 4


Go to client machine and the software will get installed

request Software 5




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