Use of Boundary Group and Boundary in SCCM

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The topic of Boundary groups and Boundaries is still not very clear to many . Let us have a look at these topics today and see if I can explain this in a better manner .

As we all know SCCM makes use of Boundaries . boundaries are network location in SCCM . So boundary contains systems , Ip range , Sites etc .However , Just defining a Boundary in SCCM 2012 does not let you manage your clients or send data to them . For that , you have to define Boundary Groups .

Clients can only be managed when they are a part of some Boundary Group .  You must take great care when designing your Boundary and boundary groups .

Boundary Group



Since we know that when designing a Boundary group we perform site assignment . So a same boundary cannot be a part of Multiple BG’s for client site assignment . This is because , let us assume that we have a client A in Boundary 1 Assigned to BG A1 with site assignment of P1 . Again let us say that the same boundary with client A is a part of BG A2 with site assignment of P2 , then our client will get confused to find out its assigned site and will non deterministically  select one site . Hence SCCM 2012 does not support this scenario.



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