Linux Client Management Using SCCM – Detailed ( Part # 1)

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It’s time to Move towards Linux and Unix Clients . 

linux Client SCCM

With SCCM 2012 SP1 we can Support Clients With Different Operating Systems . Linux and Unix Client Machines can be Managed Using SCCM and the best part is ” IT is DAMN SIMPLE “ .  To Install Client on Linux and Unix Machines , there is No Client Push Facility ( That was there for Windows Based Clients ) Available. So , it has to be done either Manually , through a Script Remotely or through SCORCH run books .

The Install Files can be download from Microsoft’s Download Library

Path is :

Now , Once you have the Linux Client Downloaded , you may start to Install it . Let us in this example look at the Manual Method of Installing SCCM Client on Linux and Unix machines .

The Command is : ./install -mp <computer> -sitecode <sitecode> <property #1> <property #2> <client installation package>

Now , as Linux guys would know .Install is used for Installation . We need to mention the Management Point ( as in Mp) so that the Linux client can get in touch with the Management point . Site Code again needs to be given . Rest you may add diffrent criterions basis your requirement .

./install –mp –sitecode ABC ccm-Linuxclient.tar   ( In this Example , my MP  is , Site code is ABC )

Once you run the Above command on the Linux Machine , it will take some time and at the end of the Installation it will show you as ” INSTALLATION Completed successfully “

In the Below Figure , you will see that a Linux Client is displayed in the Console :

Linux Client SCCM 1

If you double click this Item it will show you some thing like this :

Linux Client SCCM 2

It Shows UNIX and LINUX in the Agent Edition , For Windows Based Computers it is Windows Desktop or Server Normally : See fig

Linux Client SCCM 3

It May be Noted that Client Log files for UNix and Linux clients are :

scxcm.log –> This log provides info aboutInfo about CCMEXEC.

Log file location =/var/opt/microsoft/configmgr/scxcm.log

scxcmprovider.log—> This log file provides details aboutCIM service.

Log File Location =/var/opt/microsoft/configmgr/scxcmprovider.log


Now , if you want More details on how to Install Linux and Unix Clients ( SCCM ) you may refer this Virtual lab file image  which has Handy Information .

Linux Client SCCM 4



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