GFI Languard and SCCM

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Today in this post we will have a look at the software product Named GFI Languard . GFI Languard is a product of GFI and can be used for Patch Management , Vulnerability Assessment , Patch Management of Third party Applications Like Adobe , Tracking of Server Vulnerability and Network Vulnerability . Although GFI claims that the tool can be used for Patch Management ( Which it surely can do ) , but there are better products in the market for Patch Management ( Like SCCM ) .

GFI Languard
GFI Languard

One Area where I think GFI Languard can be used is to track Vulnerabilities and close them using Better Patch Management tools like SCCM . GFI provides you a very handsome console where you can check for Vulnerabilities basis Server , Networks . It lets you scan your Network basis a number of criterion like Ip Range , Sinlge Ip Address , Domain wise . GFI has a handsome reporting feature which can be used to make sure that your network is secure .


The Above figure shows a typical GFI Languard Dashboard where it shows you the Missing Patches and Vulnerability Classification .


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