Distribution Manager failed to install distribution point

Many a times , when we Install Distribution Point , we find out the the Distribution Point is not successfully Installed . After looking at the log files you find the below line in it :

” Distribution Manager failed to install distribution point “

Now , the issue would be due to a number of things . Let us start to troubleshoot it from the start . You first step is to have a look at the distmgr.log file . Below is the snapshot of the distmgr.log file .

Distribution Point Installtion Error 1

The screenshot clearly states that Dp files have not been installed . Now if you check the asset Message , you will see the below error :

Distribution Point Installtion Error

It says that “Distribution Manager failed to install distribution point” . If we can try and drill down further go to the Application Log onto the server and you will see something like the below ( atleast in my case , this may vary )  :

Distribution Point Installtion Error 2

As you may see that the application log gives us a more specific error as to User Rights . It is normally a good practice that you add the account that is being used for Distribution Point Installation on to the Local Admin group on the Distribution Machine . This would solve the issue for you in this case .  

However , If this does not solve the issue and you are creating the Distribution Point on a windows 7 Machine , check for the below things :

IIS 6 WMI compatibility Feature
IIS 6 Management compatibility feature

Technet also , gives its specification/ pre Requisites for Distribution Point Installtion :

You can use the default IIS configuration, or a custom configuration.

To use a custom IIS configuration, you must enable the following options for IIS:

  • Application Development:
    • ISAPI Extensions
  • Security:
    • Windows Authentication
  • IIS 6 Management Compatibility:
    • IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility
    • IIS 6 WMI Compatibility

When you use a custom IIS configuration, you can remove options that are not required, such as the following:

  • Common HTTP Features:IIS Management Scripts and Tools
    • HTTP Redirection
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