Progressive Elaboration – Project management

As we all know that Projects , Start as a concept and idea and over a period of time it develops into a Product or a service . This means that project develops in steps and continues by increments . Most of the time you see that requirements are not clear to you in the beginning and they become crystal clear with the passage of time . It is the characteristic of any project and the project management team has to live with it. But, how we can proceed? What is the approach to planning? This is where the concept of Progressive Elaboration comes in handy .

So , most of the times you start the project Confused and seem to get clarity with the passage of time .

Confused images



So you start of a little confused and become more comfortable gradually .The power of Progressive Elaboration .

 A below chart will make things more clear about Progressive Elaboration .

Progresssive Elaboration Process




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