SCOrch – A brief Introduction

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This is my first  post on the wonderful tool by Microsoft called as SCOrch / System Center Orchestrator.


SCOrch is a tool which is primarily used for Process Automation . It is also called as ITPA ( IT process Automation Tool ) or RBA ( Runbook Automation ) . It has the the ability to define, build, orchestrate, manage and report on runbooks that support system and network operational processes.  The major benefit of the tool is that it can take away a lot of Programming efforts from your side and automate taks using its rules and runbooks . 

Well Does that mean I can automate stuff ( Which Otherwise I would have done using Scripting languages like PowerShell / Vb Script ) . 

True , yes you can .

 RBA using SCOrch can cross multiple IT management disciplines in a single automation sequence, integrating multiple IT management tools and interacting with all types of infrastructure elements to automate processes ranging from simple to complex, such as automating resolution of a known error or provisioning a new server and installing the necessary applications. 


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