SCCM User Discovery – An In depth Insight

As we All Know that SCCM has Various Methods of Discovering Users , systems , Groups , Forest ( Something new in SCCM 2012 ) . Today we will take up SCCM User Discovery .

An In depth Insight :


Let us have a look at the SCCM User Collections . Clearly in Fig 1 , we can see that there is No user in the User Collection .


At the same time if we have a look at the logs Folder , We may see that there is No log which corresponds to User Discovery in SCCM . Fig 2 


As we move onto the Discovery Methods we find out that User Discovery has been Disabled in SCCM . Fig 3 


Now , Just Double Click the User Discovery Method and Enable it , Giving the Proper Container for it as shown in Fig 4 and Fig 5




Once this is done Click on Ok. 

Right Click on the User Discovery and Click Run Full Discovery . Fig 6



Click yes .

Now , Go to the Logs folder and you will see Adusrdis log being shown up there . Fig 7



Now , Open this log with the help of CM Trace Tool ( In case you have not installed it , Go to the   SCCM Install Directory > Tools > CMTrace ) . The very First thing that you  will see is User Discovery Component Setting was set to Active in the SCCM Control File . This is very Important thing to note . For any discovery to work it has to be active in the Control file . Fig 8


Once you see this , SCCM keeps on discovering Users and keeps creating DDR’s for them . Fig 9 and Fig 10 



Finally , You can see the user Information being populated in the SCCM  Console :


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  1. Let say , Post configuration setting..AD user discovery doesn’t show any user in the console ?

    How would you fix this ?

    1. Hi Jondy , Have you checked the Log adusrdis in the Logs folder . IT would give you idea as to why users are not getting detected in SCCM console . There might be a permissions issue .

      1. OK..I’ve checked credentials has full access permission.

        What ‘s next ??

        But still nothing is appearing.

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