Content Status Monitoring – This wasn’t there in SCCM 2007

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The Content Status node in the Monitoring workspace provides information about content packages. In the Configuration Manager console, you can review information such as the package name, type, how many distribution points have been targeted, the compliance rate, when the package was created, package ID, and source version. You also find information about distribution status for the package, such as the number of failures, pending distributions, installations, and so on. You can also view detailed status information for any package.

Beginning with System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager, when you view the status of a distribution in the Content Status node, you can manage distributions that remain in progress to a distribution point or that failed to successfully distribute content to a distribution point. The applicable option to either cancel or redistribute content is available when you view the deployment status message of a distribution job to a distribution point in the Asset Details pane of either the In Progress tab orError tab of the Content Status node. Additionally, the job details display the percentage of the job that has completed when you view the details of a job on the In Progress tab, and the number of retries that remain for a job as well as how long before the next retry occurs when you view the details of a job that is available from theError tab.

When you cancel a deployment that is not yet complete, the distribution job to transfer that content stops. The status of the deployment then updates to indicate the distribution failed and was canceled by a user action. This new status appears in the Error tab. When you redistribute content that previously failed to transfer to a distribution point, Configuration Manager immediately begins deploying that content to the distribution point again and updates the status of the deployment to reflect the ongoing state of that redeployment. When a deployment is near completion, it is possible the action to cancel that distribution will not process before the distribution to the distribution point completes. When this occurs, the action to cancel the deployment is ignored, and the status for the deployment displays as successful.


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