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From Parallels, the industry leader in making Windows and Mac work together seamlessly, comes the Parallels Management Suite for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). The initial offering in the suite – Parallels Management-Mac for Microsoft SCCM – means, for the first time, you can have a universal and comprehensive cross-platform solution to manage Macs and PCs with ease. This plug-in extends your SCCM (2007/2012) infrastructure, processes, and skills, so you can master your Macs.


Parallels Management-Mac for Microsoft SCCM – Overview

Macs are a reality in businesses today, and they need to be managed. Whether you want to extend your current SCCM-based desktop management infrastructure or consolidate multiple systems to minimize redundancy and save money, we can help. As the leaders in making Windows and Mac work together seamlessly, we understand Apple technologies and the needs of IT teams who use SCCM and also need to manage Macs.

Full visibility of the Macs on your network
No more guessing how many Macs are really there. Automatically scan the network ranges you choose, and discover Macs on your network. Then, have the Parallels Management-Mac for Microsoft SCCM agent auto-install and enroll them. The plug-in ensures you have the broadest range of Macs covered, including Mac OS X 10.8x, 10.7x, and 10.6x.

Gain control – easily 
Software discovery, distribution, and inventory occur just like with your PCs, but without costly Mac-only infrastructure. Our wizard-driven system for application packaging and Mac profile setup makes it easy for SCCM admins with minimal Mac skills, so anyone can be a pro in no time. And we make it simple to use Apple’s latest FileVault 2 technology to provide the best security available on your Macs.

Securely deploy and manage Windows on Mac 
Parallels Management-Mac extends your management abilities even further, to Windows applications on Macs. In conjunction with Parallels Desktop for Mac, manage delivery of your policy-compliant Windows stack to Mac users. All your management needs, centralized in SCCM.

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