Today we are going to talk about SCCM Secondary Site Failure and Restore !! For a Long while SCCM Admins would have nightmare if the Secondary Site Goes down . The only option you have in this case is to re Install it . You may use copy and paste tools and tools like Imagex to get things working , but it’s a pain .  IN SCCM 2012 SP1 ( Though it started from RTM ) SCCM Secondary Site restore is officially supported . Some of the important points are discussed as below :


1. The restore does not happen from back up on Secondary site . However , it happens from the Parent site .

2. The Restore option does not Install SQL Express by default . If you do not have it installed then install it as SQL Express Installation is not a part of Secondary Site Restore .

3. As is obvious , the DB Name and other things should remain the same .

4.  You must use a computer with the same configuration as the failed computer, such as its FQDN, to successfully recover the secondary site. The computer must also meet all secondary site prerequisites and have appropriate security rights configured. Also, use the same installation path that was used for the failed site.