Friends !! I am back to write yet another post on SCCM . This post is regarding the Distribution of a Package or a Patch in the SCCM Hierarchy . One very Important concept in this regard is Fan Out Distribution .

The concept is very handy when it comes to saving bandwidth .

Below Image shows the concept of Fan out :



Fan out Distribution : 

When distributing packages to child sites, you can reduce the workload on the initiating site by using the fan-out feature. The fan-out feature allows sites to distribute package content to lower level sites through child sites, rather than directly. Fan-out distribution occurs automatically if the initiating site does not have an SMS address for the destination site. For example, if a site needs to distribute a package to its child site and to its grandchild site, the originating site has two options:

  1. Distribute the package to the child site and to the grandchild site. This happens if the initiating site has addresses to both sites.

  2. Use the fan-out feature and distribute the package only to the child site. The child site then distributes the package to its child site, which is the grandchild of the originating site. This happens if the initiating site has the address of the child site and only the child site has the address of the grandchild site.

Besides reducing the workload of the initiating site, this also reduces the load on the network link between the initiating site and the rest of the sites, which is often a significant issue. This is especially efficient when distributing large software packages such as Windows XP. Figure 3.3 describes the added load on the central site when fan-out is not used.