Native Mode – No More in SCCM 2012



As all Configuration Manager customers know, security is challenging and often requires complex setup configurations. Setting up a Certificate Authority, issuing certificates, and maintaining them can be a herculean task, and in most cases involves interacting with multiple teams in an organization.

It is the price we pay to have a highly secure environment, where the administrators, executives, and employees don’t have to worry about their data being compromised.

Configuration Manger leverages an existing PKI infrastructure to enable secure communication between clients and site system roles.

Before System Center Configuration Manager 2012, Configuration Manager 2007 had concepts called native mode and mixed mode: The philosophy behind native mode was to secure the site server and all its site systems, in addition to securing all site-to-site communication. This involved configuring a site signing certificate on all installed sites, plus there was an added restriction that a native mode site must always report to a native mode site.

During the planning phase for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, we listened to customer feedback and revisited this native and mixed mode model, and debated our previous concept of securing the site. The result was client computer communication.

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