Schema Extension in SCCM – Demystified Complete

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In one of my earlier posts I have given a lot of Details about SCCM Schema Extension , However In this Post I want to Demystify this topic Completely .

As we are already aware of that when we Extend the AD schema a set of 4 classes and 14 attributes are added in Active directory .

Now , Let us say that I do not Extend the Ad schema , The very First question that will come to our minds will be ” How would ccmsetup.exe Discover the Management Point and get the specific retirements . As a workaround to this , what we do is that in the Command line used to install client we give management point , site code etc like CCMSetup.exe /mp:SMSMP01 /logon SMSSITECODE=S01 FSP=SMSFSP01.

You May also use SLP

It is very Important to note that if we do not extend the AD schema global roaming and NAP will not be implemented .

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