Off Late I have been in touch with a lot of SCCM Admins who have been giving Interviews in Various Companies . I have noticed a pattern which is specific to specific companies . Some of the generic questions being asked are :

What is the difference Between Query and a Report ?
What is difference between Refreshing a collection and updating a collection ?
What are the log files to check for software distribution ?
What is the difference between Program and Application ?
Why do we Extend AD Schema ? Is it a Mandatory Step ?
What is the Difference Between Hardware Inventory and Software Inventory ?
What are log files for Inventory ?
How can we check if the SCCM Server management Point is Up and Running ?
What are SCCM management Point Log Files ?
What is the Difference Between Distribution Point and Secondary Site ?
What is Branch Cache ?
What are Log Files for Patch Management ?
What is the Concept of Content Library ?
What is the Log Files which you will check to Trouble Shoot OSD Issues ?
Some Reporting Related Questions Could be :

Write a SQl Script to find all the programs in Add Remove Programs

Write a SQl to find Xp machines in the Environment


Trust me !! If you have Answers to these questions , you will get 50 % questions similar to ones mentioned above ( Unless the Interviewer sees this post 😉 )

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15 thoughts on “SCCM Interview Questions , HCL, WIPRO, TCS , COGNIZANT , ITC INFOTECH

  1. Hi, These are great questions. Do you have the the “textbook” answers to hand? Could you please email me them?

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    1. if we can get troubleshooting sccm book that would be great. The questions you mentioned defently we can expect that questions in an interview. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Thanks Dude… !! i am just looking into this technology… so it would be help me alot to focus on some specific areas..

    It would be great if you can share the real time based question.

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  5. I would like to add more questions:

    Difference between Boundary and boundary group;
    New enhancements on SQL replication on secondary distribution points;
    What’s new in collections?What’s can combine;

  6. It would be great to know, where can we find the answers of these question… ? Not able to find them on internet…!!

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