Simulate Deployment – SCCM 2012 – A real Cool Feature

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Guys !! here I am , Back with my Posts .

Well !! This time we will discuss a new topic which was not there with Previous Versions of SCCM . Now Consider a scenario where you are not sure How a Deployment would behave on Users machine Like dependencies, Requirements , Detection Methods .

In such a case , we wish we had a method of Actually checking how this application/ software would have behaved . But Yes !! with SCCM 2012 We have what we Call Simulated Deployments .

Below are the steps to create and check Simulated deployment !!

Note **** An Important note is that once you have checked the results by Simulated deployment , delete it before you deploy the actual Software . actual Deployment will not work unless Simulated deployment is not deleted . 





Click on Simulated deployment in Upper Tray .






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