Application and Software Deployment SCCM – Part # 2 ( Requirement)

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In the Last Section ( Part 1 of this Series ) we Talked about What is the difference between the Traditional method of Deploying Software( i.e package) in SCCM 2007 and Application Deployment in SCCM 2012 . And I am sure that now you have a feel of what we can do with the new version of SCCM .

Let us now move to Few of the Important Components of SCCM 2012 Applications : First of them Being :

Requirements : Now try and recollect those days when you used to or for that matter you still do this ; Create a Collection and then deploy a software onto that collection ( Example : If you need to deploy a software onto machines which have 4 GB of RAM , then you create a collection first and then deploy the software onto that collection ) . Wasn’t that a pain !!

Well !! it Was . 

But now with SCCm 2012 requirements , you need not do this ! All you need to do is to stabilish a Requirement and then SCCM 2012 will take care of all that . No Collections !!

To Sum up : SCCM 2007 Software distribution was Collection Driven but in SCCM 2012 it is not.

Below Screen Shots will give you an understanding of what will happen : Here we have created a requirement rule that if free space in D Drive is equal or greater than 110 MB , only then install the software



6 thoughts on “Application and Software Deployment SCCM – Part # 2 ( Requirement)

  1. Are you sure about this? You still need to create a collection and deployment for the application to deploy. the requirements just prevents you from deploying to a machine that does not fit with the requirements set. i.e. you don’t want to deploy a 64 bit app to a 32 bit OS etc.

    1. Hi Conor , Without Deployment you cannot deploy a Software . The post talks about the need for creating specific collections as was needed in SCCM 2007 but with SCCM 2012 Requirements you can easily have your software deployed to specific users or computers without having to create specific collections

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