Hardware Inventory SCCM 2012 .

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As we all know that SCCM is a wonderful Tool for Getting the Hardware Inventory from its clients , Howevere there are cases where we might need some extra utilities to get information :

This Includes : IDMIF and NOIDMIF Files :

IDMIF Files ; There are certain cases where SCCM cannot find hardware Information from its Client , Under these cases we use IDMIF files to collect information :

For example,  projectors, photocopiers and network printers.


NOIDMIF Files : Use NOIDMIF files to collect information about client devices that cannot be inventoried by Configuration Manager. For example, you might want to collect device asset number information that exists only as a label on the device. NOIDMIF inventory is automatically associated with the client device that it was collected from.

Use the below Link on how to create these files :


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