Off Late I have been in touch with a lot of SCCM Admins who have been giving Interviews in Various Companies . I have noticed a pattern which is specific to specific companies . Some of the generic questions being asked are :

  • What is the difference Between Query and a Report ?
  • What is difference between Refreshing a collection and updating a collection ?
  • What are the log files to check for software distribution ?
  • What is the difference between Program and Application ?
  • Why do we Extend AD  Schema ? Is it a Mandatory Step ?
  • What is the Difference Between Hardware Inventory and Software Inventory ?
  • What are log files for Inventory ?
  • How can we check if the SCCM Server management Point is Up and Running ?
  • What are SCCM management Point Log Files ?
  • What is the Difference Between Distribution Point and Secondary Site ?
  • What is Branch Cache ?
  • What are Log Files for Patch Management ?
  • What is the Concept of Content Library ?
  • What is the Log Files which you will check to Trouble Shoot OSD Issues ?

Some Reporting Related Questions Could be :

Write a SQl Script to find all the programs in Add Remove Programs 

Write a SQl to find Xp machines in the Environment 


Trust me !! If you have Answers to these questions , you will get 50 % questions similar to ones mentioned above ( Unless the Interviewer sees this post 😉 ) 


However If you are getting Interviewed by me Do not expect even a Single question from the above list .

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