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Are you Working on a SCCM Design and Architect Project ?

Are you wandering on how to get relevant Information ?

Well !! Below are some set of question you Must ask your Client before you proceed with the SCCM Design and Architecture ?


  • What are the company expectations for growth or contraction?
  • Are there any non-Domain clients that should be managed
  • Will 3rd Party Software be considered as part of the project? (ie. 1E Nomad)



Inventory Question ( HARDWARE + SOFTWARE)


  •  How often should it be updated?
  •  Classes that should be collected


How Often Software Distribution will take place 

What is the size of Software to be pushed 

How Frequently OSD will be done

Do we have a big OSD plan in place ?

Do you require Cloud DP’s


Similarly , a lot of other Important Design questions needs to be asked before you start !!


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