SCCM Design – Understanding your Network and Important Fact Points

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While Designing your SCCM , it is very important that you should have a very solid Understanding on the Network !!


Some of the Main point to be considered with regards Network While Designing SCCM are :

1. Network Usage : Get in touch with the Network Team and try and find the Network Usage across Branches . This will give you a very solid idea about DP Design .

2. Try and restrict a DP to 50 Machines for a 2 Mbps Line with average utilization o about 50 %

3. Gather All the relevant Network Diagrams from the Network Team.

4. What is the count of Local DC’s in the Organization .

5. Gather the Data with regards the Number of Systems , OS across locations

9 thoughts on “SCCM Design – Understanding your Network and Important Fact Points

  1. hey Abheek, any chance you can send me a detailed design document for SCCM 2012. I’ve been tasked to do one and am wondering if you can help me out please.

    1. Hi Frank,

      Trust me , Every Single SCCM Design and Implementation is unique . If you need help on your specific implementation , you may share with me with your environment details like AD architecture , number of clients etc .

      I will be posting a set of design questions very soon and so keep a close watch on the blog latest posts/

  2. Hey Abheek, i just wanted to see how the design document is laid out. it would be really helpful if you could send me one. we have a small setup in our Sth African office. So one primary should be enough. I just want to ensure i have captured all the design elements.

    1. Hi Frank,

      Unfortunately I have designed a generic Design documents but I would not mind to revieew the one you have prepared . below are some of the main points you should consider ( as must ) while designing :

      Are there any roaming clients ?
      Is this solution should be fault-tolerance or high availability?
      Are any acquisitions or divestitures planned in the environment in which SCCM will be implemented?
      Network connectivity
      Is Schema Extension allowed
      Is the client willing to pay for the hardware
      What hardware specification have you followed
      How many Dp’s

      and a lot lot more

  3. Thanks Abheek, appreciate the feedback. I haven’t started writing one yet so that’s why I was asking. Can you please send your generic one?

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