Why use SCCM ? A lot of Helpdesk and new SCCM Engineers ask me this Question ? Email : sccmabheek@gmail.com



A lot of Help desk engineers ( who wish to learn the tool ” SCCM ” ) and new SCCM admins ask me this question : “Why do we use SCCM Server ”

My Answer to them is ”

Example # 1:  Suppose the CIO or the IT Manager ask you that he wants you to deploy a software on HR users machine . Now !! here is the Catch . Let us say that your company is spread across the globe( UK , US , ASIA  etc etc ) . now being a Systems engineer you will be in a shock .

My Answer to this is using SCCM 🙂 . images (1)You may use software deployment feature of SCCM to achieve this !!

             Example # 2: Let us say that the IT Manager or CIO wants to see the list of all the computers which have a specific software xyz installed on it .

” How do i do this  ” 

My Answer to this is using SCCM 🙂       images (1). Using SCCM Reporting 1.e hardware Inventory 

Example # 3 : Let us say recently you company recruited 500 people ( 100 in India , 100 in US , 100 in UK , 100 in Norway , 100 in Singapore ) . Now the CIO wants all these machines to have the OS and Company’s mandatory applications installed on them . How do we perform this .

My Answer to this is using SCCM 🙂  images (1). Using Operating system Deployment feature of SCCM .

Similarly there are many other features that SCCM provide .

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