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Ok !! Guys Am back with my Mantra for Software Distribution :

I am sure that after you read this post  you will never forget the process of Software Distribution : Yes !! TRUST ME ON THIS 


What Do you want to do , How do you want to Do , Where do you want to Do , When do you want to Do !! 


This is my Mantra for Software Distribution :


What : What part covers what do you want to do . This is defined in Package . So when you create a SCCM package you tell SCCM what do you want to do . See the below Image from Windows Noobs . In this Image we have created a package and it clearly states that you want to deploy Firefox ( Remember !! “What do you want to do “)





Now that we have covered What , Let us move to “How do you want to do ” part . This part is covered in the Program . Everything that you mention with regards how this package should be deployed comes under Program like : The installation should be silent installation , Suppress Notification ( User should not receive any Notifications on his machine) , Program should run if the user is logged in or not logged in or any , Which particular platform ( OS) this Package should run . All these conditions come under Program ( Remember !! How do you want to do ). See the Snapshots below for more clarifications :




We are now done with how Part . Let us now move to Where do you want to do . As pretty cleary stated where do you want your package to be pushed . Ya ya !! You know the answer , yes !! its Collections . So answer to where do you want to do is ” Collections ( Group of machines where the software will be deployed) . Last is “When ” . I am sure you know that When covers when should this software be deployed on users machine . And the answer to this is ” Advertisement ” 


So Next time you forgot about the sequence or the steps of Software Deployment just think this way ” What , How , Where and When ” 


🙂 Happy Deployments 

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