Extending AD Schema in SCCM !! Is it Mandatory

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A lot Of times it is being asked to the SCCM Admins and Architects ” Is it Mandatory to Extend the Ad schema for SCCM Implementation ” . Well !! The answer to this is ” NO ” . SCCM will work the same way with or without Extending the Schema . IT is just that Extending the Schema makes life Easy for SCCM Admins . If you do not extend the Schema you need to follow some Workarounds to get your stuff done . One such example is If you extend the schema then your Clients use AD domain services to find the Management Point . Suppose I do not extend the Schema then I will need to configure SLP. 


One Feature that cannot be implemented if AD Schema is not extended is NAP . For Everything else we Have Work Arounds !!



For Further Information Use : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg712272.aspx

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